Doctor Chicken Farms

DrChicken (Doctor Chicken Farms) is a pioneer in offering Healthy ‘Wonder Food’ that is derived from ‘Non Hybrid’ nature fed and reared poultry, fishes and goats in the Indian market. We offer fresh meat of the finest varieties of our poultry & livestocks at your door steps.

Our products are free from harmful pesticide, hormones and other chemicals. These are yielded from poultry, fishes and goats reared through evidence based proven techniques ensuring highest quality. We collaborate with village communities including cooperatives, Self Help groups, women groups and farmers through technical and logistical assistance.

We provide chicks, newborn goats and fishes to such groups and they rear them for us in natural habitations. We ensure the best of compensation for their efforts in sustaining our unique initiative and noble partnership. Unlike, the commercial ways of poultry and fish farming where hormone catalysed growth is a rampant practice, we let our chicks, goats & fishes grow on their natural pace in a stress free and non-confined environment. The result is a high quality farm produce which is good for health and great in taste. We proclaim that our products will make you savour the taste, your grandparents boast of.

We not only provide healthy foods but also let you know ‘why’ it is healthy. Through our ‘Nutrition Helpline’ we help you know the nutritional value of what you ordered, what are the additional benefits, whom it is best suited for, how much to eat etc. We will make you more informed about every morsel you have.

We are the market pioneers in bringing the Legendary ‘Kadaknath’ variety also known as "Kali masi" to the open market. The flesh of this variety is believed to infuse vigour and have medicinal properties. Apart from Kadaknath, we also deal in Japanese Quail (also known as Batair), Guinea Fowl, Turkey. We deal in Fertile Eggs, Day old chicks, Week old chicks, Male and Female Parent Range of the above poultry varieties.

Our speciality

Chicken Products

We rear poultry in their natural habitations in the villages through collaborating with the village communities. We provide day old chicks and necessary assistance to the identified village families who in return rear the chicks for us. The chicks are reared in natural habitations without caged confinements and are fed on hormone free and pesticide free diet. The cage free rearing technique provides stress free and high mobility living condition to the chicks. This manifests in significantly low fat and high protein constitution of the meat yielded out of such ‘Naturally Reared’ chickens.

Fish Products

We bring the fishes directly from ponds (Taalaab) to your kitchen boards. Our fishes are reared in clean ponds which are created for the sole purpose of rearing fishes in a pollution free natural habitat. We strictly monitor for the quality of water by measuring the key parameters like pH, Salinity, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) etc to ensure high quality and healthy fish produce. You order your fish here and we will deliver it in few hours straight from our ponds.

Mutton Products

We rear ‘Non-hybrid’ varieties of goats through our village community based model. The famous Desi, Barbari and Jamnapari breeds are reared in the country side in Tarai region of North India where they graze on Tarai pastures in a non-leashed (rope/ knot free) living conditions. We are in no hurry to outgrow them their age size by feeding them on hormonal diets. We let them mature on their own pace. This is how you get the premium quality mutton which is low in fat content and high in health index.